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At Bangaree Infotech Solutions, we aim at providing an environment which is result oriented, where customer satisfaction is utmost priority while working for a client, we are obsessed with providing quality work. Our portfolio speaks for us and satisfy our customer that everything we create is unique and perfect at world class level. This is a reason we are being acknowledged by various costumers over the world level and being contacted in order to working for them.

With internet now available at everywhere, still many of us are not aware of how wide and varse the amount of information and functions there are in it.

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Bangaree Infotech Solutions is here to ensure that your business idea succeeds through the best possible way to do it. To make a business idea successful is not solely dependent on experienced team. We at Bangaree Infotech Solutions proceed with a firm strategy to execute every single work that is done in order to provide you with better business output from your website. From building your web presence that will speak up for you to your costumers with a single click. We ensure that every function on your website works the way you want it to and your customer gets satisfied with what he wants.

We are backed up by a team of highly professional designers, web developers, flash animators, Content Writers and SEO executives. Whatever we do be it, Website Designing, Website Development, Content Development, Website modification, E-Commerce Web Solutions, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Internet Marketing, Website Maintainence, IVR, Software Development, Bulk SMS, Bulk Email and many more things, there is quality of work reflected in each, and due to this we are associated with some prestigious clients nationally and globally.

Boost’s your Idea

The first and the foremost step in building a relationship as a company is to have proper communication and in the kind of Industry we are in, we first listen -> We think -> We advise -> then act accordingly. We give your ideas new wings so that the thought of your comes to fruition, This is what that makes us different and also new things comes across which in turn helps us to think more efficiently.

Reputation is All

We can do many things but Reputation is one thing which our clients build of us. By delivering world-class professional quality, unbiased towards the nature of client and the budget, is what that makes our clients think good for us and it is the reason we are getting more clients linked to us.

Tension-free Professional Environment

Once a wise man said, “My Child, don’t go for success, go for excellence and brilliance, success will automatically follow your path.” We have some people who are best in the industry and provide them an environment in which they constantly evolve themselves, free to experiment and learn and make work like fun to do.


This is one thing which every creative industry needs to focus and we are thankful to our team members who constantly strive to bring a change in their way of doing things and not only this also develop some very fresh and creative ideas, business solutions and technologies.

Our Vision & Mission

Bangaree Infotech Solutions offers you a wide variety of Web realted solutions and servies. We have eventually grown our business strategies and made policies that make us deliver the best quality of the services and that too in the budget defined by our customers so that we could meet their goals and give an overall better performance.
The reason we are liked by our clients is our commitment, quality, out attitude towards work and our expert technical knowledge.

Our Vision

Bangaree Infotech Solutions is keen on providing quality and innovative solutions that are cost effective which makes easier for the growth and development for small scale businesses not only domestically but internationally. Driven by expert professionals and managed by some highly qualified personnels, we not just help to just achieve their aims but also go beyond the level they thought of.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide professional and dedicated services to our clients throughout. We will work harder to make our clients recognizable all over and also by giving them profit oriented results.

Our Quality Policy

No one is perfect but we strive hard for excellence and deliver our clients world class quality with proper commitment and believeableness. We continue to improve our quality and its standards by collective efforts of our team, with better technology and better tools at our disposal.

Our Methodology

Bangaree Infotech Solutions is known to all as a company which keeps everything simple but also provides an international standard in developing and maintainence. In present age no industry can compete in the market if there isn’t any proper Methods to execute their plans, but if any exception occurs that too would one day make the work too complex and chaotic too handle and the results will be borne by clients.
Our Methodology is to : –

  • Prioritize the Client.
  • Proper Communication with Client.
  • Maintaining Integrity.
  • Collective Effort.
  • Creative Ideas and techniques.
  • Strive for Excellence.

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