In 2009, company established its first office at their hometown Ludhiana, India. Our team of some of the best in the professional field of website designing, Web development, software, apps, SEO always crave with providing the best results which can be seen in our previous work. Some of our main expertise serving over to various prestigious clients nationally and globally is following:

Website designing, app Development, Software Development, Web Development, Domain registration, Logo Design, Server Space, Website Promotion, IVR, Voice Calling, Courses

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Website Designing

Website Designing

  • Static Web Designing
  • Dynamic Web Designing
  • Responsive Web Designing
  • Web Re-Designing
  • Startup Website Designing
  • Custom Website Designing
  • Mobile Website Designing
  • Ecommerce Website Designing
CMS Development

CMS Development

  • WordPress Website Development
  • Joomla Website Development
  • PHP Website Development
  • .NET Website Development
  • Drupal Website Development
Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

  • Pay Per Click
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Penalty Recovery
Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

  • IOS Apps Development
  • Android Apps Development
  • Windows Apps Development
  • Game Development
Web Portal Development

Web Portal Development

  • Real Estate Portal Development
  • Job Portal Development
  • B2B Portal Development
  • B2C Portal Development
  • Matrimonial Portal Development
  • Travel Portal Development
  • Enterprise Portal Development
  • Hotel Portal Development
  • Hospital Portal Development
Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

  • Video Promotion
  • Explainer Video Creation
  • Facebook Promotion
  • YouTube Promotion
  • Twitter Promotion
E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce Development

  • OpenCart Website Development
  • Magento Website Development
  • Zencart Website Development
  • osCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Axis Commerce
Software Development

Software Development

  • Inventory Management
  • Hotel Booking Management
  • School/Institute Management.
  • Housing Society Management Software
  • Hospital Management
  • Accounting/Billing Software
  • Desktop Application Software
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

  • Articles Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Link Building
  • Guest Post
  • Content Writing

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Specialised Services

Web development is the process in which static or dynamic web pages are created over the internet (World Wide Web). It mainly refers to the development of website using some of the official languages like C, C#, Java, javascript, C++,, PHP etc. using their relative framework or platform for developing it. Nowadays CMS are playing an important role in developing small websites which can be handled easily by individual without any hassle. Many web development companies are in race for creating their own custom made Content management system (CMS) these days. They follow proper set of principles, rules and architecture for developing large websites. Web development covers vast areas like communication, social media and marketing sector. Millions of tasks, operations come under this technology. Hence web development demands great innovative, creative and intellectual skills for its development and handling client side and server side technologies.

Bangaree Infotech Solutions has a great web developer’s team for completing their assignment before deadline. Our dedication and hard work has made our customers highly satisfied by creating professional, attractive and effective websites which fully meets their need. Our team has made a name for best web development services in India. We have completed so many complex large e-commerce projects to mobile based custom web applications and every project is upto mark and defines how distinguished and optimized one’s product is from others.

Software development is the process of creating software which follows six phases of Software development life cycle (SDLC) model. Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a method which includes structured sequence of stages in software engineering for the development of software product. These six phases are Requirement gathering and analysis, Design, Implementation or coding, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance. All these steps are used for developing software professionally. Software can be developed for various purposes to meet some specific needs of an individual to a large scale business purpose. There are two main types of software’s. “System software” and “Application software”. System software are the programs that are used to control or manage the computer hardware and itself such as the operating system, file management utilities, and disk operating system. Application software cannot execute itself but is dependent on system software to execute it. Examples of an application include a word processor, a spreadsheet design, an accounting application, a web browser, a media player etc

At Bangaree Infotech Solutions we provide all types of software development services ranging from small scale business to large scale business purpose. Our expertise development team uses the latest technologies for developing custom made software for an individual like accounting, billing software etc to large scale software products used in fields like hospitals, schools, industrial sector etc. Our aim is customer satisfaction and work dedicatedly aiming at better results of peerless quality.

A mobile application commonly known as an “App” or application software that is made to execute on mobile phones, tablets and various other electronic devices for various purposes like mobile games, calculator, web browsing, sharing of photos, videos etc. It is a type of application software which provides users with similar services that are accessed on PCs. A mobile application can be of various types such as Web app for web browsing on Smartphone, online app for shopping online on Smartphone, iPhone app or Smartphone app. Apps are generally small in size but varies with its functionality. The use of software in Smartphone’s has been popularized by Apple Inc. with its “App Store” and Google by its famous app “Google Play store” which sells thousands of applications for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, window phones, android phones etc.

There are various types of apps present in the market like for mapping routes, gaming apps, antivirus or security apps, camera apps, office apps, video apps, photo editors, functional apps for various purposes. Bangaree Infotech Solutions is the leading best mobile application development company in India. Our company is known for providing best mobile based applications in present competitive world at reasonable rates. We provide full service for the development of mobile applications for” iOS” and “Android” based operating system electronic devices. Our dedicated team has vast knowledge and expertise skills on how to make an application successful and make our clients fully satisfied by its functionality.

In today’s world billions of dollars are spent every year on internet marketing or online marketing to increase the overall profit of their businesses. Tremendous amount of growth and profit is seen in business that has used this technology for promoting their products or business over internet. Internet marketing includes techniques such search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, social media marketing (SMM), social media optimization (SMO), e-mail, direct marketing etc. Internet marketing is a way to reach new customers by providing information about their products and its benefits. Website plays an important role that provides the customers information about the company and its products. Some business persons uses the elements like social networking sites and email newsletters for marketing who doesn’t own websites.

Thus, creating the potentials to bring your business to millions of people around the world, we can explore the whole world through this and can easily find the target to sell your products over the internet. We at Bangaree Infotech Solutions provides services in internet marketing using latest SEO, SMO, SMM, email marketing techniques which shows better results gaining profits. Our team is specialized in area of Internet Marketing. Hire us and our dedicated team will let your business grow in few time showing better results and profit achieving success.

A domain name is a recognition string that defines or locates an organization or other entity on the Internet. Domain names are made by the rules and procedures defined within the Domain Name System (DNS). It is generally required for a website to be established on the internet with some piece of information. Domain names are used as a unique identity on the internet and companies or individual can register a domain name according to their name or organizations helping users to reach them easily on the internet. After a domain name registration a website is needed that is to be seen on internet which will show your company details, products and its aspects. When you have both a domain name and a working website your only need left is web hosting. Web Hosting is web service where business or activity of providing server or storage space, file handling and maintenance of websites is provided to the individual or an organization that do not have their own web servers.

Most hosting companies provide both domain name registration and web hosting. If you do not have a domain name, the hosting companies will help you purchase one. Our company Bangaree Infotech Solutions provides best in class website hosting and domain name registration services in India. We provide affordable powerful servers with easy to use tools which will help you to get your Website Live in Minutes.

Bangaree Infotech Solutions is one of the best Bulk SMS Service providers in India. We offer quicker and cheaper promotional & transactional bulk SMS services in India. If you are looking for best SMS marketing service then it’s the right place for you to buy our service at very low & affordable rates. We assures you to provide the best service by fusing our targeted phone numbers database with advanced SMS delivery software that will contribute extra benefits to your business. Person or client using this service can send unlimited SMS per day in Bulk according to the package chosen by client. He can send unlimited SMS per day to mobile users anywhere in India by using bulk SMS service. Bangaree Infotech Solutions fully complies with the TRAI guidelines to protect user interest and the end mobile recipient.

Bangaree Infotech Solutions also provides Bulk E-mail marketing service to promote your brand in effective manner through promotions by this service resulting in good sales, queries about your products, registrations etc. It’s reliable, convenient to use and it has a wide database to focus on your desired customers that will add profit to your business. Bulk E-mail Service helps client to send bulk emails to their existing or new users for their brand promotions or marketing purpose. Emails can be sent in the form of Text or Attachments etc. It’s much affordable service with cheap rates that increases your product visibility leading to direct sales and adds traffic to your website making it more reliable. So give us an opportunity and we will guide what is best for you.

IVR means Interactive Voice Response (IVR). It’s a technology which grants computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling also called DTMF tones input via keypad. This DTMF is mainly used in telephone lines services between telephone equipment and other communications devices. Mainly over the phone, people receive voice data packets and replies or reactions from the computer as they press telephone keypads that send DTMF tones back to the computer. So binding all it, in telecommunication IVR helps customers in establishing a connection or interact with organizations host system via a telephone keypad or by speech identification method, after which services can be wondered about through the IVR dialogue system.

IVR system can use prerecorded or dynamically generated audio feature to respond to its client on how to proceed. Summing all it, an IVR is the computer you talk to when you call your service provider company to inquire something. The main benefit of enforcing an IVR into standard business processes is that it saves both time and money. Bangaree Infotech solutions provides best IVR service in India at most affordable and cheap rates. Our main focus is to give best voice quality and instant call connectivity. We assures you to provide best IVR service which will meet your needs.

A website content writer is a person who particularizes in providing pertinent content for websites. They specializes themselves in the area of content writing having vast technical skills required for writing technical content or articles for websites. Website can vary according to the products or things needed by the end user. Therefore content also varies which complies the specific targeted audience needs that requires different type and level of content. It can be technical based website, simple e-commerce products selling, entertainment related, world news, celebrity gossips, medical issues theme based etc. So overall a content writer should be a master in all genres. Every website needs content. It plays an important role in websites google ranking or vital part of SEO. Content mainly contains keywords or phrases of websites main products or services it imparts to the end user which also add benefits towards improving a website’s SEO. Content means any information that originates on the web and can be consumed on the web.

Mostly content is on marketing products or services that particular website is selling or supporting. Content writing is one of the superlative effective method that is capable of producing an intended result and also keeps your website updated and informational. This effectiveness has lead to a great demand for a skilled web content writers on the Internet. Only a technically skilled content writer knows the importance of quality content which add profits and higher revenues to your business. We at Bangaree infotech solutions provide best quality content services to our client. Hire us and our top level technical content writer’s team will assist you to provide the best quality content over the web.

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